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Hoy there!!!!!!! [Jul. 9th, 2005|03:15 pm]
xme_without_ux (Amanda..well Manda)
[mood |gigglyHappeh as a Peach on wheels =)]
[music |Funeral for a friend-Bend Your Arms To Look Like Wings]

Sheesh Bang! not wrote in here 4 aaaaaaaaages!, well yer, emm, here il do a wee list hingy!
Went 2 C Funeral, was fucking amazing!, Love them so much, Best Band in World! Had a bit to much Vodka n IrnBru (as always) but I was jus reli jumpy an Happy xP, I love my sister! <3 Emm stayed over night in Glasgow in ths wee kool Holiday Inn place lolol n theeeeen the next day we buggered off shoppin, got looads of reli nice stuff, Glasgow shops r well better than Edinburgh 1nz :( so ama goin 2 go thru 2 Glasgow all teh time :D yes siree!

Theeeeeeeen we got the train back 2 edinburgh, n yar, missed the mission, Stayed over night at Gillians, was a laugh, then the next day Me an Gill went up town, n later on after that I went 2 c The Kings of Leon :D was mazin, went with Laura (sis) and Julie (sis's mate) was a great laugh :) got Archers Tropical :D never had vodka n irn bru lol (love 2 my sis again <3) a woop, was mazin. I Met this reli nice Guy called Jack at KOL, hes sooo fookin hawt!, a got his mobi number an he wants 2 meet up do thats goooood :D we met cos he elbowd meh n teh head lol n he done a dickish smile an said sorry, n we jus started talkin :) HappyHappyHappy! :D woot!

n emmmmmmmm..now its the summer holz, and av got fuck all 2 do :(, goin thru 2 Beths soon!, shall be good!, Goin 2 london in like 4 weeks, am shittin it :(
erm, yeh,

:( a hope 2 fuck the mish doesnt get shut down, il greet 4 eeeeeever :( anyways
Luf luf xxxxxx

Heres ur sign Bethy xxxxx Luf Luf <3

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(no subject) [May. 31st, 2005|08:06 pm]
xme_without_ux (Amanda..well Manda)
[mood |distressedPissed, Sick, meh all shitey x]

WooHoo! am doin this do, cos am bored, Ill ana jus woke up :D
First name 20 People you know

1 Gillian Thomson
2 Gemma Laing
3 Allan Gebbie
4 Leia Stoddart
5 Alice carnoogle
6 Kirsty mccole
7 David Barnes
8 Danny Kenny
9 Laura Balloch :D
10 Poppy sutherland
11 Jillian Denholm
12 Chrissy Flynn
13 Beth conway
14 Niall Turnbull
15 Brogan Reid
16 Max wotherspoon
17 Billy Mccaskel
18 Mark Dougan
19 Danni Cormack
20 Joe Turner

Then, fill this out according to the people you chose!

Who is #8 going out with?: Emmm....last I heard it was a Gurlie Called Viki
Is #9 a boy or a girl?: A Big Sis Gurlie >.<
Would #11 and #2 lmao...oh y yes am sure....:\
How about #18 and #4?: Nuht! not a good couple at all, nope, nah, nae!
What grade is #17 in?: 4th yeaaaa
When was the last time you talked to #12?: Few nights ago on msn a think
What is #6's favorite band?: sheesh, 50 cent or summit lmao, erm, Him that wears the plaster...0.o lol Nelly?
Does #1 have any siblings?: Y yes! a loverlee wee brooo!
Would you ever date #3?: :D oooo y yes :P
Would you ever date #7?: awww yeh :D hes ma Davie x
Is #16 single?: prob not, hes a manwhore :)
What's #15's last name?: Reid
What's #5's middle name?: a duno :D
What's #10's fantasy?: A duno, jus 2 do summit shillay :D like buy a lion or summit
Would #14 and #19 make a good couple: AHAHA! Dannis like a maffus goth, nialls a wee skater boi! :P
What school does #20 go to?: some school in peebles
Tell me a random fact about #11: She likes th colour Yellow, and wld make a nice couple with Ni :P
And #1: Besty Bud!...shes got horns growin from her head :D
And #3: Hes a nice lookin young lad, has a good bum.....:D haha
Have you ever had a crush on #16?: R U FICKIN WELL KIDDIN MEH?!?! NAE! :p nah calm hes not that bad, but nae hes nat ma type at allllllllll!
Where does #9 live?: In ma hoose!
What's #4's favorite color?: Black?
Would you makeout with #14?: Haha, wld have when I fancied him yonks ago in 1st year :\ haha
Are #5 & #6 best friends?: Lmao nopes, not at all :(
Does #7 like #20?: They Dont know eachother A think they cld get on tho
Does #8 like #19?: He Dooooont know herrrrr
How did you meet #15?:At Schoooooool a shay :D
Does #10 have any pets?: Yah a duggie :D
Is #12 older than you?: Ipe he ish
Have you ever given #13 a hug?: Yaaaah!
Is #17 the sexiest person alive?: Haha............*ahem* :)

wooo well that was funneeeeee...well it wsny reli, but still.
Neeeeways,am so fickin tired n Ill :( a feel like shite. Boys are lucky, periods suck the feet like :( am like half deed, a cant coooope with the fuckers!, meh a feel s sick. Ana like Allan alot lol, but no worries a still feckin looooooooove mark, meh a gtg :( ehhh feel so sick :( x
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woooooooooooooooooooooooooooo....cani think ofa subject! [May. 30th, 2005|05:01 pm]
xme_without_ux (Amanda..well Manda)
[mood |gigglyHapeeeeeeez!]
[music |My Last Serenade - Killswitch Engage]

Righty well Il start off by tellin yaz about yesterday!...weeeeell Me Gem an Gill wer in ma house gettin ready to go up town, and a fuckd up ma hair n had like a big flick thingy jus randomly stickin up n it look raaaaaj! so a jus spent ages makin it look better.After that we buggered off up town, ma dad gave us a lift up in the car soooo tht was gooood. Then we Buggered off to micky dees, a gota happy meal a do shay twas nuice!, erm Gemma took a rajy at a mcdonnalds man cos he didny have wee cups for the tomato sauce lmao. Then after that we trotted off to cockburn (said, Coburn lol) an we seen Joe and his luflay new caveman beard. We sat on some steps for ages ana got hash all over ma innocent wee converse :( me an Gill wer takin big stooopid pix of eachother lmao they wer nashtay a do shay! an then after coburn we went up 2 Bristo square to look at the luverlay skater boys, but when we got there the only ones that where there were the tiny wee cute ones, so we jus sat on the wall an talked about guys and...a think it was jus guy we wer talkin about :P, then about an hour in2 sittin on the wall Gemma wanted 2 go cos her arse was freezin.soooooo we walked about bored, n then we went 2 arthur seat ana had the stupid idea of climim to the top high steep bit, an so we did, an by the time a got to the middle of it a was crappin it lmao Gemma was slaggin meh the rest of the day cos she said a was like "Gillaaaaay Help meee! fuck Heeeeelp" lmao.But ya a was scared :( lmao cos we wer doin pure rock climbin!!! an ma converse kept on slippin in the dirt! a thoght a was goin 2 die ( well miby am talkin that a bit 2 far) but neeeeeway, once we got 2 the top bit we sat down an a was takin a mild heart attack :) lmao, so we jus sat at the top, a was worried about how the fucked wed get back dowbn again, a had visions of sum1 phonin the fire brigade an we all have 2 get carted off into one of them big cartin off things :S lol :D....errrrm but we did get back down. :D yay!, an we fucked off to the icecream van, a got a ice lolly an Gill got a big maffus ice cream thingy tht looked well yummeh! Gem didny get nefin. Em an then we went away to our wee bit that we always sit at, an we talked about boys again, an how much they thing mark isa slug lmao >:( an then we mucked about an made a raj film on ma phone lmao :D ana do a big yettie run in it :D lol. Soooo then we walked back 2 gills (we done loooooads of feckin well walkin) n we waited at ze bus stop for me n Gem 2 bugger off. Then once a got in a cleaned ma room an listened to music....was great fun...OOOH! jus membered ma luverlay BMX MATT DAVIES GUY AT BRISTO SQUARE!!!!!.....anyways, so yep after all that a was in ma hoose boooored.
An Today has been okay, Mum woke meh at half seven ana went "muuuum wot u gettin meh up fur!?!?!" lol ma mum was like "amanda, its monday its school hahha" sooo a got up an ready ready to start 3rd year lol. Had french 1st (am doin credit french, how the fuck did a manage that!?...emmm then a had maths *=(mwhha, am only doin General maths) n theeeeen a had graphics an then Modern studies an then Re an then Biology, Mr chaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaambers, isa borin bum, hes a bit on the weird side, he randomly asked me if a was scared a was like em no am not, but in ma head a was thinkin well a wasnt but since u said that I am a bit yesh. He put a wee lizard on teh desk n it was walkin about n then it ran 2 me lmao a was like aaaaaaaaaaaah!, but it was quite cute :) emm then after school Gem chumed me 2 ocean terminal 2 bug ffafs new album, a plan 2 kill whoever told me that it was out 2day cos it fickin aint! lol a wanted 2 greeeeeet! :( emmm so now am back bn am booored....hmmm welse happened 2days....ooo Billy Mccaskles cut his haaaaaair but it still looks pretteh kl short cos its got wee spikey bits lol...emmm oh leias blamed me tryin 2 say that a tld her bf connor that shes Bi, a dunno y shes blamin me, she blames me for loads of things, rather bitchy a do shay, she was the 1 goin round tellin every1 she was anyways n now shes tryin 2 say that shes not, sheesh bang shes fucked up wif me jus now, plus it was Derry that told connor Leia...But Derrys ma wee mate :D who was helpin meh in Graphics an let meh sit beside him when I thogh a was the only gulie in the class, but a wasnt, so a moved lol (soz Derry x) anywaaaaaaaays, am off Toodle pip hunbunz x
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Sheesh that was nashtay!!! [May. 25th, 2005|11:05 pm]
xme_without_ux (Amanda..well Manda)
[mood |ditzyWoooo Happeh n High!]
[music |Machine Head - Burn My Eyes]

God, first day back after havin Monday n Tuesday offies. A was so ficked! a could feel ma eyes shuttin in science, an it didny help that we had the most borin teacher, like omg he takes like 5 seconds to say half a word! A really couldnt be fucked. Was a Mince day at skl, Gill and Jill wer off, ana was stuck with Alice an Leia, Leia wasnt talkin 2 much and she went raj at meh cos "I hate all her bfz" not true, a like David...a jus find the 1 she has now very nippeh :)lol. n Alice was screamin about her ipod shuffle for most of the day. Leia fucked me off this mornin cos she came in late 2 English n Alice sat beside me cos Roxine is off, n then she came in n went 2 alice "Move!" a was like pffft fuck yaz then, il sit here wchin mid summer nights dream on ma tod....fucketts. Was pissin down at lunch :( got ma converse all shitified. an ma hair transformed from bein amazinly straight to mazinly Afroed (am talkin Mel B spice girl style....well miby not that far >.<) annnnnnywoooo...Every1 liked ma Emo hair :D was all happeh. After School, a sat around house piss bored. Then about 6ish Gemma phoned meh n asked if a wanted 2 go 2 the playhouse n c The king and I with her lol, she got free tickets off sum1 or summit, so a jus fot ooo fuck it nout else 2 do, an av not had a gurlie night with Gem 4 ages. So i jumped in shower, came out got dressed, done Emo-doo :)an went down 2 meet Gem.....King and I was okay lol, we laughed through most of it, not with them, at them :) mwhah. Yeh was good. Gem spilt her popcorn everywer, n she was sayin fuck every second word, an so the wee grannehs wer all turnin round lookin at us as if 2 say WILL U SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!...so we did, for a wee while, but it soonstarted up again when I dropped ma Irn Bru lol was a good laugh :)......there was a WOMAN! (YES GEMMA I SWEAR 2 U IT WAS A WOMAN!) sittin beside us an Gemz convinced it was a man named Allan lmao (a duno wha she was on)....so yeh was good. Came home, fucked about, then came on here, no1 goods online :'( where the fuck are u all?!?!?! :( am all aloooooney on ma ooooooooowny....pum pum pum......hmmmmm must go get shower. Byesee bye xxxxxxxxxx
"pour some sugar on meeeeee" woop!

Manda x
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Sheesh Bang, no wrote in here in yeeeeeeeeeeears a shay! [May. 24th, 2005|05:14 pm]
xme_without_ux (Amanda..well Manda)
[mood |pleasedHapeepee]
[music |A - Nothing (with a hint o the ice cream van tune)]

weeeeeell last night was funkeh! lol, went 2 c Dfa1979 With Mrs Bethaloo was fun :) but sore :( am covered in bruises, we wer right at the front at the stage bit and we were getin squeeshed! an there was a big fat baldy anoyin guy behind meh, his voice was so feckin nippy n every time he moved hed smack his fucking beer botle on ma nap! a was like >:( RAR!....n someone kept squeezin ma bum, a was like oi oi, wha the fucks this all abot, lmao, a looked behind meh an there was the luflay eye guy, the fat bottle man and a random gurlie, [plz god say it was the luverlay Eye Guy :)] we wer screamin, lol but it was fun. There was this nice guy there that me n Beth liked we named him Eye Guy cos he had loverlay Ice Bloooo eyes :D.....yah twas a reli good night....n Bethy stayed and we talked for ages about random mince and how my snake was to big for me 2 go round lmao [was playing snake 2 on Beths phone....tut tut, u dirty buggers!] Beth woke me this mornin at about 10 to 10, lol a was like *tired,Duno who,where,and what the fuck I am voice* "whaaa" lol thats all a member sayin, a was so tired, n then Bethaloo went away ana went 4 a shower, an used this beer shampoo stuff, was nuice! a jus wanted 2 drink eet!, lol an nowma hairs bogin of it, it smells like last night, so its remindin meh of mr Eye guy :) lol....[God am so sad]....n tehn after shower, had 2 tidy ma room n make everyfin look how ma mum wanted it. Took me fuckin aaaaages, n then a went away n made maself look all Emo-y ^.^ lol, a done ma hair ina wee side thingy and yuss......n nooooow am boooored on msn, a was talkin 2 Lana an Flynn but theyv shtapped talkin :( no1 is shpeakin!....pfffft, well hmmph 2 them the big feet lickers >:( heh, nat reli, a looove yas all loooads x :) Gills away in Ireland 4 some reason. Feck me am so bored. Hmmmz, Roll on Saturday, canny wait till une mish mosh, lol Beth n Alice are comin, sld be good :) ama guna mosh n go raj with them a do shay!.....sheesh bang,am soooooo boooored, OOO! mum n Dad r bein mazin! theyr lettin meh go 2 Beths on ze train wif every1, cos b4 they wernt so sure n theyd only let meh go if an adult was there, but theyv jus changed their minds :D, yay! a get 2 meet every1...:) har, meza cant wait. Anyhoooo a must be off ma fellow bum nuggets. Havea nice day now, am sure u will lol (?) Bye bye xxx...hmm yay! lanas talkin again...least sum1 cares *sniff sniff* lmao :p x
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emmmm...not well x( [Apr. 19th, 2005|01:25 pm]
xme_without_ux (Amanda..well Manda)
[mood |sickssssssssssick x(]
[music |The subways - Oh yeah]

Righty here is my weekend. On saturday, we all went to mish (just like every other sat) and we had a really good laugh (just like every other mish) but Alice came, and she got some guys number, and she got asked 4 a pull of this really really really hot metal head guy, n like yhe, ma friendys and ppl who know alice, then ya ul be sayin OMG THT IS NOT FAIR with me :) lol, Gill was so shocked lol, ana was crappin it cos if Alice lost her vl b4 me id just greet lol, lmao, wha about me dancin like a fanny behind her back, mwhahaha lol so yeh mish was a laugh, part from mark not bein there again, but he will com next week, yush. N theeeeen on sunday, Me,Brogz,Rox and Leia stayed over at Gills, it was amazin lol we had a great laugh we like dressed up as the spice girls n danced about n filmed it on our mobiles, lol but we didny look like the spice girls, we looked like this, ahem, Brogz - Hooker Granny spice, Me-Junkie ned spice, Gill-random, raj,fanny spice, Leia - Tramp, rapper man tank spice, Roxine - Tranny, mental weirdo spice lolz, n then after that we moshed :D and then we danced and done the story of grease lmao, n then me n gill done our big amazin mental rap, lmao me - "YO YO YO LEIA MA HOMIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE"....................................."ARA!" lmao :D n then like ma big amazin break dancin, yeh was great. n then later on when we wer in bed, a got up n scared leia n put ma hair infront of ma face 2 look like the ring girl (every1 says a look like her anyway lol) n ya a was scarin leia :D mwahaha, n then Brogz was scarin ll us n grabbin our feet, n she started awwwwing and ma feet n called ma twinkle toes lmao, loads n loads of funny stuff happened, but theres prob like not enuf space on the whole of this thingy 2 fit it in lol. when we woke up on the monday (yeh we had a bank holiday from school mwhahah) we sat and wched this thing about fat ppl, n then this thing about a little farm shop lmao, n then bargin hunt lmao, n then we all just went home, n a had 2 really quickly finish ma English project cos it was to be handed in 4 2day. n then last night Me and ma sis went 2 see starlight express lol, but nah it was good, its like a rollerskate musical, it was really good, and me and ma sis HEART RUSTY! lmao :D, but yeh right now, am not at school, am in ma bed off sick, ma tonsils are kilin me again x(, sucks bums. The Cataloge man just came 2 the door with ma new top :D yay!its like all emo n pretteh :D its polka dots with netty stuff n its pink n green n black :D yay, anyhooooo, am away 2 be ill, byesee bye xxxxxxxxxx

lol me and Gill at her house, YAY a got the scary red eyes oot! lol x
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Gillskin and Amanda Boooooooooooma! x [Apr. 16th, 2005|12:10 am]
xme_without_ux (Amanda..well Manda)
[mood |gigglyGiggly xP]
[music |Wchin film x)]

Heyha ppl :) 2 day was so much fun, Me n Gill went out 2 pix, n we went 2 c man of the house, a fot it was a cmpltly diff film that had Aston Kutchner (<3) in it, but a was wrong, it was some raj action/meant 2 be funny, film. so yeh since the film was so mince, the only ppl that wer in seeing it where me n Gill and 2 random wee lassies lol, so me n Gill jus sat n laughed and had a popcorn fight n mucked about n wer jus actin like bums lol. we had a big maffus fit of the giggles over gill burpin n hickupin lmao, n then me talkin about the lanky bugger lol :p n then ya lol jus everyfin. After the pix we jus went on bus home 2 mine n looked at raj photos, and we discovered tht Gill went 2 the same Brownie Camp as me!"did u go searchin 4 jelly snakes n tht?"............................................"hahahahhahahahahahahaha" lol :P....n theeeeeen we had a big 'lets have a big bitch about everyfin talk' lmao! was good :D Me n Gill r the besty pals :D yar, shes gunna be ma maid of honour wena get married lmao :P yah Besty bud aaf! x
ĞΐŁŁÏẵŊ ... " Thts His Job Y'see! " Manda + Gill Besty Buds always says:
hairball comin fi ***** tall 5' lanky bugger.
LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! am still laughin at tht Gill, lmao tht was a gd yin a do shay!!! School was shite 2 day Mr mullen went raj at me n Gemma for wastin his amazin Graph paper lmao n then he went raj at us for laughin....rar hate him hes a fad eh Gemsy?, sucks the Beef!, lol am Getin moved up 2 the top french set for 3rd year, cos am in the mixed ability jus now...yee, a gte 2 be with, every1 :D lol, so ya, shite school....welse,emmm....Dave rawks ma sawks! :p lol, poor liams dads movin out 2 day :(, ma mummehs not feelin so well :(.......am wchin mary shellys frankenstine :D lol, ghey...but true :)
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Righty am goin 2 write about me whole school week, how nice :D [Apr. 14th, 2005|09:48 pm]
xme_without_ux (Amanda..well Manda)
[mood |hyperHypeeeeeeeer x)]
[music |Deicide - When Heaven Burns (plus am humin a dance mat song)]

Well yah, Ive already wrote baout monday, so...Tuesday, was shite got all pissy when making fairy caks in HE cos a had 2 do all the ceanin up on ma own...so that put me in a mood at least until lunch. (lmao, how ghey!) anyhooo, welse, me n David wer play fightin along the corridor, n he kept tryin 2 trip me up so a shlapped him on ze arm ^.^ mwhahaha lmao, what an exciting day......Wednesday was shite, Today sucked the beef, Had ma big English test an ya, was jus a pissy day, a hardly spoke 2 leia, wer not that friendly anymore. Me n Gill jus about got killed tryin 2 cross the road goin 2 scotmid lmao, we ran n banged in2 eachother like a couple of fannehs...so yeh, how shite :( lol....but 2 moz me n Gill r goin 2 the pix, or miby up town, but probz pix cos Mr Popcorn man will prob be workin ;) lmao! hes luflay, but hes Gills, lol hes got gauged ears n 'niuce' hair, :D...so yeh thats friday....Saturday mish WILL be better than last week, Mark will be goin and am goin 2 talk 2 him :D ya ya ya lmao :D <3 luv him x :D lol, n then on sunday Gills B-day sleep over :D yay lmao tht sld be a gd laugh, n theeeeeeeeeeeen on Monday, am goin 2 c starlight express :| LMAO!!!!!!!!! dnt kill me. haha Beth!!!! Max is in it!!! member wen me u n Gill wer at the bus stop! lmao :D.....Yaaaaaaaaay Dave gets his internet bak 2 moz :D yay! I spent £15 txtin him just over the saturday and sunday :\ lmao...yaaaay everyfin is good :D ffaf r me new fave band btw, and its like 70 sumfin days till a see them weeeeeeeeeee am all hyper n happeh :D c ya ppl luf yaz alllllllllll xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx lol
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Buggeeeeeeeery! [Apr. 11th, 2005|08:55 pm]
xme_without_ux (Amanda..well Manda)
[mood |restlessshitty]
[music |Funeral for a Friend<-new fave band - Red is the new Black]

First Day back at school 2day, a duno how the hell a managed 2 get up, a was walkin up the road like a fuckin zombie, a seen Gemma after like 2 weeks so that was kl, me n Gemma used 2 be liked Best buds, but then we fell out n then we made up again in p7 n shes becomin a reli good friend again n tht rox cos shes koolies :) Seen Jillian 2 :D lol wasnt happy 2 c the rest of ma class tho...neds, :( lol anyhooooo ya 2day was shit, CDT 1st period doin crappy borin stuff...was so shit :( n then bloody French :( n the teacher was like ooooo :D who wants 2 give out the boooks and things 4 the rest of the week, n no1 put there hand up, she was like "aww il just have 2 choose sum1 then" n a was like (in ma head)*plz not me plz not me plz!!!* n she smiled n looked at meh n went :) "amanda, uv never done it b4, come n give out the books" :@ RAR!....so ya, shitty day, swimmin last period was a laugh lmao, dancin like a fanny under water Gemma, lmao...emmm fell out with leia cos shes blamin me for shit and ya jus bein bit bitchy...emmm yeh so school was preteh mince. As soon as a came home a got a txt from Dave :) it was really sweet cos hes always sweet in his txt cos hes jus mazin, n like yeh he was bein reli nice n then a started talkin about mark n he txt back goin "emmmmm...ok" and ive not heard from him at all since them 0.o a duno whats goin on there but a feel like crap, cos a think he like thinks...:( ah sheesh :( emmm yeh so after all the fall out with Dave a jus lay on me bed n listened 2 me ipod n then a fell asleep lol n now a have 2 bugger off n read a whole book reli quickly cos am doin a big test on it 2moz :( buggery, so yeh a feel so bitch, ana still feel shit about the whole bitch 2 flynn at mish thing even tho he didnt mind, but bugger nufin good is hapnin :( x
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Feel like shit :( [Apr. 10th, 2005|02:05 pm]
xme_without_ux (Amanda..well Manda)
[mood |rejectedReli shitty]
[music |Taking Back sunday - Bike scene :'(]

Mish was so so so Bad :( a met Flynn n Alistair, but i didnt really talk 2 Flynn that much and all I said 2 Alistair was Hiya, a feel like the worlds biggest bitch :( a reli wanted 2 talk 2 flynn but I couldnt cos am such a stupid shy asshole :( God a cant get over how stupid I felt when we where all jus standin there :( n then like they had to go really early n then after I hugged flynn n he went away I jus broke down, a felt so so bad, and really stupid a hate cryin at mish cos it ruins my night n then every1 else feels all pissy :( Mark wasnt there Either, n like no1 good was, it was the shittest mission in the world, it didnt even feel like a mission it was so shite :( a cried alot cos I jus felt so bad...God am such a fanny :( a tred to cheer maself up near the end a was laughin n stuff, but inside a felt so nasty, fuck am so horribe :( like cos Alistair n Flynn wer jus standin there at the wall n a was away at the other side, but I jus couldnt talk :S, anlike every1nz sayin nah its fine cos ur usualy shy b4 sum1 gets 2 know u, but then like I know flynn from msn n stuff n we used 2 talk loads, God am a bitch :( x
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